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Cattail Trail
8.0 miles, originates in Almena and continues west to the Polk County line. Continues west in Polk County to Amery (Total distance from Almena to Amery is approximately 22.0 miles).  Open to ATVs year round.

Cattail Trail Extension
16.0 miles, originates in Almena and continues east to Cameron. Three miles east of Almena there is a 30 acre intensive use area for ATV’s (playground). This facility also has a 3 acre parking lot, with a loading/unloading ramp, large shelter, picnic tables and permanent restrooms.  The extension of the cattail trail is generally closed mid October for hunting and is then reopened when we open the snowmobile trails and then closes again during the spring thaw and reopens May 1st.

Wild Rivers Trail
9.1 miles, originates in Rice Lake and continues north through Washburn and Douglas Counties to Solon Springs (approximately 62 miles). Open to ATVs year round.

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