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    The Fun GroupWelcome to the Wisconsin ATV - UTV Association's web site. We are dedicated to improving the ATV & UTV sport for the state of Wisconsin.
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“Creating a positive future for OHV recreation”

To further enhance and to expand the vision of the Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA), the leadership has recognized the need to provide a tangible set of goals to serve as a guide for the clubs and membership to believe in, to work toward, and to encourage others to join us!

WATVA promotes shared leaderships that strengthen the ability of organizations at the most local level. To best support and offer effective assistance to our members, our focus remains on helping form new OHV groups, offering meaningful help to existing ones, promoting a positive image in all things we do, and by establishing a communications network in which all can share their successes or ask for assistance with particular challenges. WATVA remains committed to provide educational programs and materials for youth and adults alike, to encourage awareness of the impact we all have on the future of the sport and industry of off-highway vehicles (OHV).

Our aim is to achieve the following goals:

Ensure WATVA and its local chapters are widely recognized as a resource and support system for promoting responsible OHV use by providing useful and positive OHV information to area media, lawmakers, land managers, businesses and dealerships, and other sources as it may apply.

Ensure the behaviors of OHVers are that of enthusiasts who are respectful of other trail users; understand industry safety issues and who are environmentally responsible.

Promote the widespread image of OHV recreation as family oriented and as a responsible group maintaining sound community ethics. To assist and encourage community OHV recreational parks and/or trail systems at which safety training and responsible riding habits are a priority program.

Expand and sustain the network of OHV enthusiasts and their supporters who promote the responsible enjoyment of the OHV sport. Establish successful informational and educational displays in dealership showrooms that connect the local and state OHV organizations centering around the Ride Smart program.

Attract, train, involve, support, recognize and retain large numbers of volunteer members dedicated to promoting the WATVA’s goals and mission. To coordinate and plan regional workshops that address specific needs of the members, OHV enthusiasts, land managers, tourism representatives and other advocates, to increase and maintain OHV riding area opportunities.

Promote balanced safety and environmental education. This includes but is not limited to distributing available materials through community safety programs and various demonstrations that present themselves to our memberships. To always be proactive and aggressive in delivering a consistent message that portrays the OHV sport as mainstream and socially acceptable.

We value:

ATV/OHV recreation as a social experience which strengthens family relationships as kids and adults alike share their enthusiasm for the sport.

The opportunity for outdoor experiences respecting the many unique environments.

ATV/OHV recreation as a social opportunity for all types of people to participate in a healthy and enjoyable activity.

The variety of opportunities and challenges ATV/OHV recreation provides which allow escape from daily pressures.