Let's Build It! 2020 WATVA Annual Meeting & Convention

The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association is proud to present the 2020 annual meeting & workshops on April 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center in Stevens Point, WI. This year we are focusing our workshops on building trails, partnerships and economic growth! 

This year's annual meeting & convention will also include workshops in partnership with the Road Legal 4WD Association and Wisconsin Coalition of Four Wheel Drives.

Getting Started 

Step 1: Register now! 

Click the image above to register now! You can register yourself, groups or even reserve a vendor booth. Make sure to look at the addons as that's where you will get your meals. 

​Step 2: Book your rooms!

Click the image above to visit the Holiday Inn & Convention Center. Call 715-344-0200​ and mention the WATVA convention for discounted rates. 

Step 3: Download our event app! 

Click the image above to check out our custom event app. This app is great for checking out workshop times, speakers and updates.

Friday Evening

Let's Network! Our Friday evening reception includes a cash bar and time to network with other club leaders, agency partners and learn about other our friends in the 4-wheel drive community.

Saturday Workshops 

This years workshops include:

  • Let's Plan It! - A workshop for planning your project. From permits to engineering costs, this workshop discusses various tools you'll need to plan a successful project.
  • Let's Fund It! - Funding is a major part of building any project. Learn about the current funding status and how to utilize DNR resources for funding your project.
  • Let's Build It! - Building a trail is more complex than one might think. Check out the factors that go into building a trail.
  • Let's Sign It! - Keeping your riders on the right path will help keep folks safe as well as promote a positive image for your area. Learn about signing requirements and hear from sign vendors about their products.
  • Let's Promote It! - Working with the Department of Tourism and local tourism organizations can bring out of area riders to your trail. Learn about the tools and techniques available to clubs and land managers to promote their riding area.
  • Let's Enforce It! - Enforcement and education will help keep a trail open. Learn about how your club can work with various law enforcement agencies as well as adapt the Trail Ambassador program to assist with community policing and positive education.
  • Let's Share It! - Joint ATV / Snowmobile clubs are growing around Wisconsin. Learn and hear about clubs that have taken the shared use approach and discuss how your club has or is planning to join together to represent both ATV and Snowmobile recreation.

Also check out some of the other workshops including:

  • Trail Communications - Can you hear me now? This workshop looks at various two-way communication tools you can utilize including CB Radio, FMS / GMRS, HAM Radio and other long range tools.
  • Road Routes - A town hall style workshop where clubs can collaborate on various road route issues.
  • Club Marketing - What tools are available for your club to promote events, membership and the positive things going on in your community? Hear from experienced club leaders about how they utilize various marketing tools to promote their sport.

We still have more workshops being planned, so stay tuned!  
​Expo 1 - Let's Build It
​Expo 2 - ATV / UTV Trails ​Expo 3 - Meals​Expo 4 - General Audience ​Sands / Spruce Room
​8:00 a.m. ​Let's Plan It!
​9:00 a.m.​Let's Fund It!​Club Marketing​​Slow Speed Trails
​10:00 a.m.​Let's Build It!​Trail Communications​​Overlanding & Tour Routes
​11:00 a.m.​Let's Sign It!​Let's Share It!​​Long Distance Communication
​12:00 p.m.​Lunch
​1:00 p.m.​Lunch
​2:00 p.m.​Let's Patrol It!​​Let's Promote It!​​Digital Mapping & Trail Leveling
​3:00 p.m.​Let's Enforce It!​​​WC4WD Meet & Greet
​4:00 p.m.​WATVA Annual Meeting​​WC4WD Meet & Greet
​5:00 p.m.
​6:00 p.m.​Awards Banquet
​7:00 p.m.​​Awards Banquet
​8:00 p.m.​​Awards Banquet
​9:00 p.m.​​Awards Banquet

Sunday Review 

It's time to wrap up the weekends activity with a town-hall style review. During this meeting we will discuss what we liked, didn't like and plans for the remainder of the year / next years annual meeting. This session is open to the public as we love to hear feedback on how you enjoyed (or didn't) the annual convention.